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Services to contractors

Over the past 30 years, Alcor’s mission has been to serve roofing contractors as efficiently as possible. This is accomplished through constant development of our expertise in the area of roofing materials, products and equipment.

We are known in the industry for our prompt service. With Alcor, you can be assured to have your materials, products and equipment on time, at your yard or on the roof.

As a distributor of roofing materials, products and equipment we keep in stock a wide range of specialty products from tools to larger equipment. We work closely with roofing entrepreneurs, allowing us as a distributor to offer what’s best in the market, but also as a manufacturer, to deliver innovative and specialized products to meet your needs and expectations in detail.

Moreover, with our sheet metal shop, we are able to manufacture our own products according to your specifications.

In short, whether for our advice, our prompt and hassle free delivery or for our wide range of specialty products, Alcor is your roofing partner of choice.

Services for contractors

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